Who We Are

GSE middle east Armored Vehicle Manufacturing, is based in the U.A.E. under German Management. It specializes in design and production of a wide variety of armored vehicles: luxury armored sedans, armored SW's, Cash Transit Vehicles and Tactical armored vehicles used by Law Enforcement Agencies.

We have four levels of armoring protection available to armor each vehicle exactly to our customers' needs. We use the most advanced materials to guarantee the safety of all of our clients. Lightweight composite armors, bullet-proof windows made with layers of dense ballistic glass, and opaque armor comprised of high-hardened ballistic steel, ballistic nylon are used to create the unseen protection of our armored vehicles. Our global community packed with political unrest, religious disputes, a. constant turmoil, anyone could fall victim to a terrorist attack.

GSE Middle East Armored Vehicle Manufacturing provides a complete and comprehensive product line of armored trucks, SUV's, armored vans, cash in transit (C.I.T.) vehicles to meet the operational and high security needs of armored operators around Africa, middle east and Asia. Our vehicles are armored to customers' exact specifications, and designs are only given after personal discussion with potential customers to evaluate the particular needs. We work hard to ensure that the components used are correctly specified to meet the need of the cargo carried.

Customers' operational procedures are closely studied and reviewed so that vehicle design yields maximum safety for both crew and cargo. Different cargos face different threats, and therefore armored trucks require different protection. All of this is taken into account before designers start their work.

Our Assurance

You can be sure that the finished vehicle will give the best possible protection for both the crew a. We provide you with the solution to travel with a piece of mind and the mobility ESCAPE.